Ben Cromwell

Senior Software Engineer

// Selected Projects

Sshush Python

SSH config file management using YAML.

Allows for grouping of SSH hosts and related properties.

Microdata Parser PHP

CLI script for notifying a user of new Product items found within a webpage. Gumtree listing notifications.

ISO-3166 PHP

A package for interacting with ISO-3166 country codes. It's as thrilling as it sounds (but it is useful!).

pwrust Rust

An initial foray into Rust. Password generator with optional bcrypt hash output.

otp-cli Python

A basic implementation of OTP based on YAML config.

UK-bank-holidays PHP

Parses's JSON API and gives you a PHP object representation.

Local Ansible

My general dev setup as an ansible playbook.

Omnipay PHP

OS contribution: adding support for PayPal's instant update API to Omnipay.